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rodan + fields flyer PDF
materials: adobe illustrator, pointed pen, watercolor

canvas print
materials: gouache, finetec gold watercolor palette

materials: black cardstock, dr. ph martin's bleedproof white, straight pen holder, nikko g nib

materials: kraft paper, pentel aquash brush, dr. ph martin's bleedproof white

materials: pointed pen, sumi ink

Watercolor brush lettering

Watercolor brush lettering

branding materials

5x7 print
materials: watercolor, pointed pen

framed calligraphy piece
materials: blue pumpkin nib, straight pen holder, scrapbook paper, washi tape, frame

Watercolor with metallic paint and gel pen writing

canvas print
materials: canvas, gouache, finetec gold watercolor

materials: bristol paper, nikko g nib, straight pen holder

5x7 quote print
materials: pointed pen, dr. ph. martin's pen-white ink

circle wreath with custom calligraphy
materials: purple/pink watercolor, gold ink + pointed pen

materials: pointed pen + finetec arabic gold watercolor

materials: black sakura permapaque opaque paint marker

square family emblem
materials: white acrylic paint

materials: pointed pen, higgins black eternal ink