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although i have a soft spot for snail mail, i absolutely love email! if you have any questions or have a custom idea/design that you'd love to collaborate on, please reach out to me! 

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Behind the Scenes

A little "behind the scenes" look into some of my favorite projects + some tips and tricks I've come across along the way. Enjoy!


Kimi Wakamoto

I'm so excited that you're here!
My calligraphy + handlettering journey has finally led me to a place where I feel ready to share my love for this hobby with the world. Here you'll find my portfolio, behind the scenes posts (detail of this in a future post!), + a shop with some of my handmade goods :) 

A little about myself - I'm a 20-something year old that has a *slight* obsession with elephants, anything that is teal, and of course pretty writing + design. My calligraphy journey started a little over a year ago and from the moment pen hit the paper - I was obsessed. If you told me a year ago that in a year I would be 1. writing a blog and 2. introducing my own calligraphy website - I would've said that you were crazy.

To everyone who has led me to this point, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me even when I felt like giving up. I'm thankful to have people who have helped me believe that anything is possible and to just believe in myself.

Thank you so much for coming - I do hope you take some time to look around, and I hope you like what you see! Enjoy!

With lots of love,