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Behind the Scenes

A little "behind the scenes" look into some of my favorite projects + some tips and tricks I've come across along the way. Enjoy!

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DIY || Decorate Your Charger With Washi Tape

Kimi Wakamoto


I don't know about you but I kinda love washi tape.. and I'm always looking for creative ways to use it. Most of my friends and family members all have iPhones so when we're all together it's hard to tell whose charger is whose... Chargers magically disappear and it's a hot mess LOL. 

All you have to do is wrap the tape around the base and voilà! You're done! I even went so far as to wrap the parts of the cable that you plug in - or another idea - you could wrap a piece of tape around the cable and create a mini flag.

Even though I stumbled across this just as a way to tell my charger apart from others - plain and simple, it's super cute - and if you know me I love making things cute. What's great is that if you get sick of a pattern, just peel it off and apply different tape! You could also use different washi tape for different electronics so you know what goes to what without having to think twice.

Plus how cute does it look when it's plugged in!? No more lost chargers + a great way to add a more personal touch. 

What are some other ways you use washi tape? I'd love to hear how you use it!